C717: Marbulous Marble Run 1

Marbulous Marble Run 1 photo
Info! Toy can be reserved.
  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 41
  • Manufacturer: Toto Toys Limited
  • Age: 3+ years
  • Replacement cost: $50.00
  • Storage: : Plastic container


  • Recommended for age 3 and above
  • Colourful high-quality plastic tracks that fit in multiple ways
  • Children are allowed to use their creativity to redesign the Marble Run
  • Load the marbles and watch them twist, turn and roll down the track
  • Develops motor skills, spatial relationships, logic and more


41 pieces + 16 marbles + 1 box with lid
(marbles not included in number of pieces)

3 x blue straight solid bridges
4 x ladder bridges (2 purple, 2 green)
1 x orange "S" bridge
1 x green bi-level bridge (one of the pink wheels attached)
2 x removable pink wheels
1 x orange slat funnel
1 x green connector with scoop
2 x orange round stands
2 x blue round stands
1 x large green round stand
1 x blue wide stand
1 x orange pronged connector (attached to blue wide stand)
2 x green marble catchers (rings)
5 x purple connectors
2 x orange connectors
2 x blue connectors
2 x green connectors
3 x orange connectors with scoops
1 x purple dome
1 x green dome
1 x clear post (one of the pink wheels attached)
1 x orange `butterfly` connector (to connect the two domes)

1 x laminated idea sheet`


Number of pieces does not include the marbles because they are so easily lost and replaced. There is a huge bag of marbles in the maintenance cupboard. 

There is a container of extra pieces in the maintenance cupboard from withdrawn set C708 that can be added to replace missing pieces (will need to be re-engraved).