Open In Level 2


Dear families,

The library is open!

We are back to our normal operating hours: Tuesday 9:30-11:00, Saturday 9:30-12:00 and Sunday 2:30-4:00.

Level 2 Process:

Our process for ensuring we adhere to MoH guidelines and keep everyone safe are as follows:

  • If you are unwell or any one in your family has been sick. Please do not visit the library, you can email us to renew your toys.
  • Before coming the library, please count and clean all toys at home. Cleaning guidelines below. We are asking members to clean their toys at home to avoid cross contamination at the library. Take note of any missing pieces.
  • Only 1 member is allowed in the library at a time, to maintain social distance guidelines.
  • Upon arrival at the Library, please scan the QR code.
  • Sanitize hands on entry.
  • Give your name and toy numbers you are returning to the librarian on duty for them to be checked in. Let the librarian know if you are missing any pieces or issues with the toy at this time.
  • Place toys in the quarantine cupboard. All toys will be quarantined for 7 days. Toys will be counted after their quarantined period.
  • If missing pieces are discovered, we will put a $5 fine on your account and email you to let you know. If you bring the piece back the next time you visit, the fine will be removed.
  • Sanitize hands after returning your toys and before touching anything else in the library.
  • Select your toys, read off numbers to the librarian for her to enter them into the system.
  • Please limit your time selecting toys to less than 10 minutes.

Parent Help: We will not have parent helpers during Level 2. We will be in touch with those who are signed up to work to reschedule.

Cleaning guidelines:


Toys must be thoroughly clean, dry and hygienic on arrival at the Library.

Cleaning check-list:

  • USE a detergent or disinfectant as per the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions on the label.
  • DON’T use tea tree oil, vinegar or other homemade solutions.
  • Allow enough time for the toys to DRY before putting them back into their box or bag.
  • WIPE down the surfaces of the bag or storage box.

The Librarian and volunteers will be checking and deciding whether or not a toy has been returned in a clean condition.

We are taking a zero-tolerant approach. Anyone who returns toys dirty will be fined. If this becomes an on-going problem your membership may be revoked.

If you have any questions please let us know on email or via Facebook Messenger.

We look forward to seeing you back at the library.



Northcote Toy Library Team




Below are some key dates for the end of 2020 and into 2021.

12th December: no new toys will be issued from 12 December. Only returns.

15th December: no new toys will be issued. Only returns.

17th December: last open day of the year. All toys need to be brought back for stock take. $10 fine per toy for toys not returned.

If you wish to reserve outdoor toys for the summer vacation, it will be $5 per toy, maximum 2 toys per family. Please talk to the librarian. Summer rentals can be collected from now on.

19th December: we’ll have our stock take 2020. 

stock take is very important to the smooth running of the toy library. We do this only to ensure that our toys are in their best status for our children. We appreciate you bringing back the toys clean and tidy. Thank you for your understanding! Volunteers welcome! Please talk to our librarian Emma if you are willing to help! One or two hours are good enough.

19th January: first open day of the new year.

New website is here!


We are very excited to let you know that our new website is finally ready for you!

A huge thank to all people who have contributed their time to make this happen!

With this new website, you will be able to sign in to check your account details, check and renew your borrowed toys, choose your duty date, and check your payment details and outstanding fees.

For members who forgot the login details, just click member login, enter your email address (the one you registered with us), you''ll get an email with all information you need.

The website is quite easy to use. Here is a link which gives you a detailed instruction in case you need it:

Please note:

  1. We have updated our terms and conditions of membership, please do have a thorough look (you''ll find it on the MEMBERSHIP page and at the bottom of the JOIN NOW page). Being a member with us means you accept all of the terms and conditions. Please let us know if you have any questions. 
  2. Currently, we keep the toy reservation function to the librarian only. If you want to reserve a toy (an additional $2 per toy applies), please contact the librarian. 
  3. We don''t have click & collect services.  

For any queries, please email or send us a message on Facebook.