C10: VTech Marble Rush Adventure Set- Paid by Membership Fees

VTech Marble Rush Adventure Set- Paid by Membership Fees photo
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  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 135
  • Manufacturer: Vtech
  • Age: 4+ years
  • Storage: : Original Packaging


This exciting colour coded play set features all the pieces you need to create a Marble Rush Adventure full of jumps, stunts and even an electronic Ferris wheel! The 2 electronic modules allow for marble runs to be reset or tracks to be split, all whilst playing cool music and sound effects to enhance the experience! With 10 marbles included and 135 building pieces to assemble, there is plenty of fun to be had! Includes easy to follow assembly instructions! Compatible with other VTech Marble Rush items!


145 Pieces (see list with pictures on Page 1 of the Instruction manual)
1 x Yellow and orange launcher
1 x Blue and orange launcher
2 x Green funnels
2 x Orange two layers blocks
1 x Green block with flag and flap door on bottom
1 x Big yellow triangle block
1 x Yellow straight track
1 x Musical light-show cone (yellow and green)
1 x Spinning Ferris wheel(blue and yellow)
3 x Yellow curved tracks
3 x Orange long curved tracks
12 x Orange short curved tracks
4 x Red curved tracks
2 x Green curved tracks
6 x Blue short straight tracks
2 x Blue long straight tracks
4 x Red curved tracks
1 x Big green twirly slat funnel
1 x Blue spiral track
2 x Yellow S shape tracks
1 x Orange long sloping track with short cover on top
8 x White base boards
40 x Blue connection blocks
22 x Orange connection blocks
12 x Transparent connection blocks
10 x Marbles
1 x Transparent wall piece (to be attached to the green funnel)
1 x Laminated Instruction Manual (11 pages)