C08: LEGO Duplo Spider-Man & Friends

LEGO Duplo Spider-Man & Friends photo
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  • Category: C
  • No Pieces: 41
  • Manufacturer: Lego
  • Age: 2+ years
  • Replacement cost: $96.00
  • Storage: : Original Packaging


 Super-Hero adventures for preschoolers This build-and-play developmental toy provides an ideal introduction to the world of Marvel Super Heroes. Young fans of the Spidey and His Amazing Friends Marvel TV Show on the Disney+ channel will recognize the 4 DUPLO figures included in this versatile playset: Spidey, Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin. Children can take the characters for a ride on the turning Ferris wheel, launch flaming pumpkin bombs, play with a water shooter and fly a helicopter with turning rotors, developing essential skills as they embark on imaginative Super-Hero adventures.


41 x pieces + 1 x instruction booklet

4 x figures(1 x spiderman, 1 x Hulk, 1 x Ms. Marvel, 1 x Green Goblin)
1 x bear
1 x helicopter body (red)
1 x helicopter base (blue)
1 x helicopter landing skid (grey)
1 x helicopter blade
2 x Ferris wheel stands (turquoise)
1 x Ferris Wheel wheel (white)
1 x Ferris Wheel top (blue with 1 nob on the side)
3 x Ferris Wheel seats (orange, green and pink)
1 x spiderman logo
2 x red slope block
1 x red rectangle block (2*3)
1 x red flat block (2*4)
1 x white talk block
1 x white slope block
1 x white flat block (2*4)
1 x white long flat block (2*6)
2 x white fences
1 x white wire
1 x dark green triangle block
1 x orange pumpkin
1 x orange flame
1 x blue flame
1 x green jug
4 x blue tall blocks
1 x blue flat block (2*8)
2 x dark blue flat block (2*8)
1 x dark blue flat block (2*4)